Polymath philosopher, writer, developer, designer & entrepreneur, Mathieu started his career as I.T engineer working for blue chip clients (Burberry, Nike, SAP, Ford, Nokia, Land Rover...) doing before starting the photo-painting million+ community Psykopaint. He then went on to create prototypes & new products for Time Inc. as part of their innovation lab, been heading product at Emoticast which  grew to 100+ Million users, worked on a project of medical records on blockchain,  car installation for Jaguar and recently worked on the Games with Google website.

He is the newly appointed co-leader of the Transhumanist Party,  run honesty meet-ups in London and do talks on the future of mental health.

Mathieu is a passionately curious individual who aim to break the barriers of creativity.

Go where no one has dared to go before. Think yet unthought thoughts.
Exploring new ideas and the full spectrum of human experience.
Oscillate from the mindless to the mindful with little transition.
Thought provoking where reason end and madness begins.
Do things because no one else would. Not knowing what one is doing but doing it anyway. If one knows what one is doing then it is not research.
Innovation happens at the edge.
The closest think I can think of to label myself would be an ideological explorer. If that sounds a bit pompous or cool to you that's because you think it is. Doesn't mean that it is. Don't always believe what you think.
Don't fall for that trap.